What Others Say About BraveHoods

Read what people have to say about BraveHoods and impact they have on kids and families.

“When we received this shirt, she was totally bald and tired of being stared at. (BraveHoods) are such a blessing.”

“Thank you a million times over for the donation and for making such a great resource available to children and their families.”

- PD, Childlife Office

(Vermont Children's Hospital)

mom and daughter wearing bravehoods hoodies

“(The team) got them last week. Thank you!  The team has been delivering them to the patients and all have been loved by patients, families, and staff (including nurses).

- Children's Hospital of Phoenix

“I just had to share with you how thrilled A. was to get a BraveHoods shirt in her goodie bag when we dropped her off for camp today. By far, her favorite surprise! It's fantastic you did that.”

- BW

“The shirts arrived yesterday and my kids LOVED them! Thank you so much for blessing all my kids with BraveHoods!”

- N

sisters wearing bravehoods hoodies

“Kelly and I wanted to send a huge thank you to all of you at BraveHoods for your wonderful donation!  We just received our shipment yesterday and have already begun sharing these strong, unifying, and truly lovely tops with our patients. It’s always important to us to be able to provide all of our patients, from infants through young adults, with the same quality of care, and your items have proven to have a universals appeal to all!”

“Families have also shown appreciation for the surprise gesture of kindness, especially for others recognizing the special courage their children have shown. Overall, the gift of BraveHoods has consistently brightened our patient’s and family’s treatment experience.”

“As a pediatric oncology treatment team serving both inpatient and outpatient youth and their families, we have so greatly appreciated the donation of resources that can provide comfort and boost resiliency during this difficult time. The gift of BraveHoods has proven to be a valuable resource to our program, and we encourage all involved to continue to share and support the BraveHoods mission.”

“Patients are enthusiastic and excited once they receive their BraveHood. The fact that they get to select the color, style, and design of their ‘hood’ allows kids to express their personalities and is one more choice they have when there aren't many choices they can make when they are hospitalized as often as they are.”

“Parents are equally excited to see their kids receive BraveHoods. From a parental perspective, it seems as though it instills a message of hope and determination that their child, along with their family will be brave together to fight through the adversity of cancer.”

“I wanted to let you know that we received the case of AMAZING hoodies and they have been a huge hit with patients!  Thank you so much for them, they have made their way to many fabulous kids.”

“This is the best guide to helping a family through cancer I have seen! Thanks so much for including it. I'm glad I'm on your list so I can follow what you all are up to.”


Yup, the BraveHood and the picture helped a lot. Afterwards, she also said, ‘I'm going to hold that little girl in my heart, and all the children who have to go through so much worse than I do."


child wearing bravehoods hoodie

“All the kids got shirts – and LOVE them. Some of the companions have informed us from the last session that a few of the girls would not take their BraveHoods off and slept in them! The kids for Session 3 just got started today but I have seen some shirts around already!”

- Camp Wapiyapi

“The hoodie was received! I thought you'd appreciate my friend's response:

‘I found the hoodie!!  I LOVE it, it is so soft. And the color and logo are beautiful, but more importantly, the reason behind the hoodie is so special. Thank you for being so thoughtful!"

“Thanks, Allison! And thanks for your wonderful work and for bringing some comfort to my friend.”

- J

“We shared several more hoods with our young Pediatric Infusion Center visitors this morning; all of whom were equally appreciative of this surprise gesture of kindness and strength!  When sharing the shirts with others, I have enjoyed how it opens up the opportunity for us to discuss concepts of strength and courage, even with our youngest of brave kids, and directly showcase those qualities in a way that celebrates each of our patient’s accomplishments through the difficulties of hospitalization.”

pediatric cancer patient wearing bravehoods hoodie

“The kids that have received them love them – they love the hoods!”

“These shirts were such a gift and a lovely way to let the kids know that others outside of camp are thinking about them and care.  I think that care is wrapped into your hoodies and is an extra ‘virtual’ hug that is passed on to the kids. We know how important it is to serve the siblings as well, and so it means a lot that you recognize that need too! We see the siblings needing just as many hugs and comforting when their brother or sister is hurting and they are helpless.”

- RM Hospital for Children

“Thank you so much for this program! It is certainly making a huge impact on the patient and families served at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children.”

young girl wearing bravehoods family hoodie

“I did receive the BraveHood box. Thank you so much, I have already been able to give them to several patients. They are really nice and very unique. I think it’s pretty common that we get hats and headbands donated, but I LOVE the idea of a hood!! 

- JJ, Child Life Specialist

“So I gave my friend her BraveHood tonight, and then shaved her head. She was really touched by the story of your company and by the picture of your daughter, and she said to tell you ‘that little girl’ is what gave her the courage to continue.”

“Hey, my name is Thomas Gillin and I made the "Bald So Hard" video. I received a BraveHood and I wear it all the time. I just wanted to say thank you and I hope many more receive a BraveHood, Thank you again.” 

young girl wearing bravehoods hoodie

“Dear Allison, Our thanks for the terrific shirts and helping us to make camp just the best ever. We know that camp is magic and your support has helped that magic to happen. We know your gift makes a difference to all of our kids.”

- P from RMH

“Our patients and their families have loved the hoods!  The shirts offer a true universal appeal to all ages and genders, and patients as young as school age have understood and connected to the impactful meaning of the BraveHoods’ design words.”

“These special shirts certainly have provided our patient recipients with care and comfort. The hood design is especially meaningful to our young oncology patients who have established a deep connection to their own bravery with their treatment-associated hair loss.”

“(The hoodies were) given to kids dealing with a variety of ailments here at RMH.  All the kids – some are siblings of those receiving treatment – like to be made to feel they are special.”

“The kids definitely liked the shirts, boys and girls alike. They liked the lightweight tee feel with a hood! A couple of the girls had their hoodies on for the movie night when everyone else came in their PJ’s so that speaks to how comfortable and comforting they are.”

family wearing bravehoods hoodies

“Teenagers and kids alike have called their BraveHoods ‘cool’ and it makes their faces light up.”

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