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The super-comfortable, inspirational hoodie’s from Bravehoods is something that S&S is proud to shine a light on. Our next Customer Spotlight focuses on BraveHoods, an organization who’s making a difference in the lives of kids fighting cancer. Each hoodie features an uplifting message…‘SHE’S LITTLE BUT FIERCE’ or ‘SMALL BUT MIGHTY’, as an inspiration to stay positive for those who are sick. For every BraveHood purchased, they gift one to a kid fighting cancer.

Being bald when you are a kid really stinks. These sweatshirts help kids manage stares from curious kids and adults, but also help with temperature regulation and sun burns. As part of their mission, BraveHoods gift to siblings as well because they think that it helps to be on a team, and there is no better way to show your team spirit than to wear the same uniform. At S&S, we feel fortunate to be able to support amazing causes like this through our Make An Imprint grant program. We hope you can too! Check out their website (https://www.bravehoods.org/) and donate today

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