New Packaging

I am so excited about our new packaging! One way we distribute our BraveHoods is through hospitals and non-profits. We were sending each BraveHood in a brown paper gift bag with pretty tissue paper, stickers and some information about us. Sometimes we include a drawing from a kiddo. That should actually be a whole other post, but in the meantime, sometimes as part of community service projects, kids from different organizations draw pictures for our recipients. This time, we included some adorable drawings from the kids at the JCC camp in Boulder.

I put these in the gift bags into a big box and ship them to the hospital. But I imagine that the bags get all bumped around or squished in transit. And I also imagine they are not very easy to store at the hospital.

So looking around at all sorts of different packaging I think I found an awesome solution. It is a to-go food box. They come in all different sizes. They pack well and they are easy to pack in. I think they look better and hold up better during transit and at the hospital.