Amazon Smile

I love Amazon. I didn't always feel this way. I do feel bad sometimes because I have worked in brick and mortar bookstores for a lot of my life and it will be very sad if as a nation we can't support real bookstores any longer. But alas, they have reeled me into their Amazon web.

I love Amazon prime- it gives me free shipping and amazing TV options (important when you don't have cable). But, I have decided that I love their smiles program the best. The way smiles works is they will donate a small portion of your purchases to the charity of your choice and now that we are a 501c3 we can participate. You do have to pick your charity and you can change it anytime.

Please go to to sign up. Then when you order from amazon, just go back to the same website. It is super cool!

So, please consider making BraveHoods your non-profit charity at Amazon Smile!

amazon prime.JPG