New Designs

I am so excited about our new designs! Originally, we had 3 main designs - "It's All Good in my BraveHood", "Vini, Vidi, Vici" (translated from Latin as: I came, I saw, I conquered) and "Future Cancer Survivor". I love them all but I felt like our designs needed a little refresh.

It took some time to find a designer who understood what I was looking for. This is mainly because I didn’t know what I was looking for. But, after asking enough people, I found a wonderful designer to help. I showed her ideas of what I like and off to work she went.

First, we worked on a whole new design. My kids and I were playing with a spirograph so super cool circles were on my mind. And I love mandalas, so I absolutely loved what she came up with.

Bravehoods spiral lined copy.jpg

Second, we worked on the "It’s All Good" design. I love what she came up with - it has some colors and cool circles. She is working on VVV next and then after that, on to FCS. I can't wait until we have some cool new designs to show off!

bubble good.jpg