I love our new website!


If you are reading this, then you have seen our new website. Pretty cool, huh? I am so excited about it. If you didn’t see our old site, believe me, this one is so much better!

I know there are a lot things that I can do, but I am also smart enough to know that there are other things that are better done by someone else. Apparently, designing websites is not one of my strengths. Of course, I knew that when I built my website, but I didn’t realize the difference that a “real” designer would make.

Our new site is clean and fresh and is organized much better. Jon, at All Fantastic, was really able to focus our site and make it look about 1000 times better than it did before. Now, when I look at screen shots from the old site, I have to giggle because the new one is so much cooler. He also made it “work better”, which I had absolutely no idea that it could even work better.

Before Merry got sick, I was a database consultant. I really enjoyed that kind of work – helping people do something that they are not able to do themselves. Most of my clients knew that they couldn’t do everything - that is why they hired me after all. I could show them how to do certain things better, faster and more accurately. I feel like this new website is like that. I could do an OK job, but now, having an expert in there, I have an expert website. I hope I made my clients as happy as Jon has made me!

So, if you have a minute, please search around and check out the website. I would love to know your thoughts!