We Hit Our Goal!

We did it! We have hit our goal to give out 1300 bravehoods to brave kids.

I started this goal to help me to have something to Ali. For. I have found that I need stuff like that. I didn't need any motivation because I knew we are helping kids, but I like having a measurable goal.

We picked 1300 because there are about 13,000 kids diagnosed every year in the U.S. We wanted to touch 10% of them. To be honest, I thought we would do this by the end of the first year. It took us a bit longer but we did it. This is another example of learning to have patience. I know this worked out exactly as it is supposed to.

The money that we received from 100 women who care sealed the deal for us. I am so excited!


So, please consider making bh your np recipient.


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