Funny Story


I am often reminded of this story. I hope you find it as funny as I do.

We don’t have cable. When we watch TV, my husband and I usually watch Netflix or Amazon Prime. My kids also watch Netflix and they occasionally watch a channel called QUBO. I think it is only available through the antenna, but I think one of the networks runs their shows on Saturday morning. QUBO is a great channel with lots of interesting kids programming – mostly cartoons from Canada.

One night when Zach was about 6 years old he came downstairs after bed time. Steve and I were just figuring out what we would watch when he came downstairs. While we were deciding, we had the TV on, but not yet switched over to Netflix, so the TV was set to whatever channel was on last. In this case, it was QUBO.

Zach looked at the TV, he looked at us and was completely hysterical. I couldn’t figure out what was so funny. Eventually, he told me, through giggles, that he was surprised, but very happy to see Daddy and I watching QUBO without him. His face was so funny, like he had caught us doing something wrong. Whenever he comes downstairs after bed time now, I usually think of that story – no matter what we are watching!