Vini, Vidi, But not Vici, this time.

VVV LongSleeveWhite small.jpg

We tried our best to win this amazing $10,000 grant from KIND, but unfortunately we didn’t win. Of course, I am disappointed that we didn’t win it, but I feel like I learned so much from doing it. I put together a list of some of the reasons that I am happy we did it.

1. What would you do with


That’s a dream question, right? It really is fun to think about the amazing things Bravehoods could do with $10,000. We could affect so many lives! I sat down and created a budget and truly thought about what we would do with the grant. There are so many places that we could put that money. Even though we didn’t win, I now have a good plan going forward for when we win other big grants in the future.

2. We spread the word of BraveHoods!

Before we entered this contest, I didn’t realize that it would lead to some wonderful new opportunities. Through different friends and family members, I was connected to some interesting new people that will hopefully lead to some cool new BraveHoods projects. Stay tuned!

3. We may not be ready for KickStarter... yet.

I have always thought about doing a KickStarter campaign, but I realize we are not quite ready for a Kickstarter campaign. I forget sometimes that not everything has to be done RIGHT NOW. It

was good for me to sit down and think about my priorities for these next few months and upcoming year ahead. It helps to think about what has to be done right now, versus over the weekend, or next month, or apparently, next year.

4. My friends and family are awesome.

Not that I need to be reminded of this at all, but I am the luckiest person in the whole wide world. I mean it. Thank you - near and far, people I haven't talked to in more than 20 years to people I have never actually met in person. Thank you to my close and extended family for all your support to do this. I could never have gotten this many votes without all of you. :)