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Brave is fierce. Brave is courageous. Brave doesn’t quit.


Brave is not the absence of fear; it is the presence of courage.

sisters wearing bravehoods hoodies on beach
though she be but little she is fierce bravehoods hoodie

Every day we see children and families quite literally in the battle of their lives. You’d imagine that there would be overwhelming sadness and despair. And, there is some of that, of course. But, mostly what we at BraveHoods see is optimism and hope, determination and grit. We see true heroism and bravery in the smiles of the kids, the families, the siblings, and the medical staff that are part of the BraveHoods’ family.


The truth is, the empowering words on our hoodies are a reflection of the heroes that wear them. Take a look at some of the BraveHoods warriors and be inspired by their stories.

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