Thank you for supporting BraveHoods!

Thank you for supporting BraveHoods!  With your help, we have gifted over 15,000 BraveHoods to kids all over the country.

We have hit our goal and BraveHoods is closing down.  We have loved serving our community and look forward to the future.

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Since 2013, we have gifted over 15,000 BraveHoods to kids all over the country.

The BraveHoods Story

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BraveHoods makes cool, inspirational hoodies and t-shirts.

For each BraveHood we sell, we will donate one to a brave kid who is going through cancer treatment.

We also gift to siblings because we know it's easy for them to get left out and it helps the kids to feel like a team.

kids waerirng bravehoods hoodies

“So I gave my friend her BraveHood tonight, and then shaved her head. She was really touched by the story of your company and by the picture of your daughter, and she said to tell you ‘that little girl’ is what gave her the courage to continue.”

“We shared several more hoods with our young Pediatric Infusion Center visitors this morning; all of whom were equally appreciative of this surprise gesture of kindness and strength!  When sharing the shirts with others, I have enjoyed how it opens up the opportunity for us to discuss concepts of strength and courage, even with our youngest of brave kids, and directly showcase those qualities in a way that celebrates each of our patient’s accomplishments through the difficulties of hospitalization.”

“All the kids got shirts – and LOVE them. Some of the companions have informed us from the last session that a few of the girls would not take their BraveHoods off and slept in them! The kids for Session 3 just got started today but I have seen some shirts around already!”

- Camp Wapiyapi

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